Gracia: the woman behind the lens


Every March 8, I am particularly thankful for the women in my life who encourage and push me to make better decisions as an entrepreneur. One of them, my cherished friend and photographer, Gracia Chua, has been one of my greatest supporters since starting Fly at Risk.

Since Fly at Risk launched in 2014, she has taken thousands of photos of neckties, bowties, and me attempting to sew/smile/walk candidly. Her skill doesn't just come from talent - it's a result of hard work and determination to improve her craft.

When working with models, Gracia is kind, funny, and makes them laugh. Her ability to make everyone comfortable helps her capture moments where tie-wearers are genuinely having a good time. 


Over the years, I’ve been through many ups, downs, and changes (read about why I committed to keeping fabric waste out of landfills here). One constant throughout this winding tie journey has been Gracia's comforting presence behind her powerful lens, which has documented some of the best memories I have from the last four years. 


All photos by Gracia Chua. None of these portraits are of her, which is representative of her influence on Fly at Risk despite never being seen. Take a look at her beautiful portfolio here.

Cheralyn Chok