frequently asked questions


where do you source your material?

All material is found in independent fabric stores around Vancouver and other cities that I visit. When possible, I buy repurposed fabric from thrift and vintage shops as well as Our Social Fabric, a Vancouver-based textile recycling initiative that collects donations from local manufacturers and makers, which are then sold at monthly community sales. I highly recommend checking out their great work!


how can i get custom ties?

Please read the information found on my custom order page and take a look through my previous work if you need inspiration. If you have any specific questions that aren't answered here, please email me at


what's with the name?

Okay, this is a slightly embarrassing one. When I was 15, "Mine" by Taylor Swift had just come out. I was convinced that in the first verse, she sings, "I was a fly-at-risk," when, in reality, the lyric is, "I was a flight risk." (Don't believe me? Listen for yourself starting at 0:25.) Anyways, this was around the time when I started sewing and knitting things and posting photos of each item on Facebook. Each album was titled Fly at Risk, and the name just stuck. Lesson learned: it always comes back to Taylor.


how is your production zero-waste?

Since January 2017, Fly at Risk has not sent any material to landfill, and I plan on keeping it this way. Scraps are used in other projects, from making pocket squares to stuffing pincushions, in an attempt to capture as much value from the fabric used. If you have any other ideas for other projects, please let me know!


who makes your ties?

I do! I am currently the only person sewing ties, but I am hoping to bring someone on board to help me out in the next few months. All ties are stitched at my dining room table in Kitsilano, much to the chagrin of my roommates.


where can i buy your ties?

You can find most of the collection here in my online shop, but feel free to peruse Etsy, the shops listed on the Stockists page, and at local artisan markets that I will occasionally pop up in. 


what about tie-on bowties?

I'm currently working on perfecting my tie-on bowtie pattern, which is why I don't have any up for sale right now. I do make them for custom orders, so if you're after something in particular, let me know. All bowties currently in my shop are clip-on.


Do you make in-kind donations?

Absolutely! I am happy to support causes that align with what I stand for. In the past, I have donated ties as raffle prizes for non-profit events. I'm open to hearing your thoughts on how I can best contribute to your organization - please email with your ideas.


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